Days 1 & 2: Humboldt Redwoods, CA

Hello from Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Our first two days on the road have set an extremely high bar for the next ~240. We’ve been camping in a serene, endless cathedral of redwoods, some of them towering unimaginably and as wide as cars. We don’t think Tegan realizes how big these bitches are.

The splendour of this place is a powerful balm for the small anxieties that have been popping up as we learn how to live on the road, and find our rhythm of planning and venturing forth. Despite these foibles, we’ve naturally managed to make some damn good food.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Oregon. Lots of driving as we head to our next pause point.

Takeaway quote, from Hampton, reflecting on the name of a hamlet we stopped to charge in (and walked across the rocky riverbed): “Benbow—like Venmo with a cold!”

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