Days 31 & 32: Vancouver, BC

While it was a brief visit, the couple of days we spent in Vancouver were enough to pique Hampton’s interest and leave him wanting more…thankfully, we’ll be back for another day and a half quite soon.

The highlight of our stay was the divine Airbnb—the renovated and private basement of a lovely home nestled in the hills of West Vancouver with a view that was worth waaay more than we paid. The mornings were foggy and quiet, the afternoons were bright, revealing vast views of the entire city and bay below, the nights were shimmering with urban radiance: a blend of snow-white blue and campfire orange that’s both comforting, confounding, and always subtly unsettling compared to the deep dark of the surrounding water and woods.

This is what we saw out the window from our Airbnb every night—stunning!

We took advantage of our very own full kitchen and made an incredible dinner that carried us through our stay, and gave us a domestic punctuation in our now month-long journey away from our very own expression of home through the making and enjoyment of food.

Our adventures in the city were mostly provided by the impressive parks littered throughout the area: Stanley, Foreshore & Spanish Banks, Kitsilano, Queen Elizabeth. The crafting of such serene and special places within the bustle of city life is a joy to experience, especially when a city truly invests in them.

We’re on Vancouver Island for a handful of days, after another gorgeous Pacific ferry ride, then heading back to Vancouver for a bit more before heading back to the States.

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  1. cant believe its been a month since ya’ll left Oakland. Yet again, you pictures tell thousands of words. What an amazingly beautiful place. Green, green, green!!
    Please try to refrain from chewing on Baby T’s ears….

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