Days 70 to 75: Oklahoma City

We ended up extending our stay in OKC for a couple more nights, appreciating the first metropolis since SLC and wanting to linger a bit longer.

We strolled through the colorful tunnels beneath downtown. We visited the Land Run monument and imagined what it might’ve felt like during the madness of that day. We saw the bombing memorial and museum and lamented the prolific presence of white supremacists that seek to grab hold of the reins in this country.

We also had massive Guatemalan brunch at Cafe Kacao, truly scrumptious Italian at Osteria, and the most impressive diner cinnamon rolls (topped with butter!) at Perry’s.

This was also the beginning of two media journeys that we’re still on: the Star Wars saga, and the Impeachment Hearings saga. Honestly, we’re having a hard time telling the difference between the two. Perhaps if the Democrats can’t bring justice to Emperor Trump, a new hope might emerge with both a lightsaber and the Force to set right this imbalance and restore peace to the Galaxy. For now, it just feels like chaos and drama whenever we turn on the TV.

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