Days 153 to 156: New Orleans

We left Panama City early in the morning, and traced the Gulf Coast from Florida’s white sand beaches to the swampy heartland of Alabama and Mississippi, finding ourselves watching the New Orleans skyline as we crossed the delta. Our days in town were full of art, food (highlights: Bearcat Café, Auction House Market, Carmo, Turkey and the Wolf, Good Karma Café, Breads on Oak), architecture, and history—a fitting intro to a unique place for H, and a great return for G. We explored the historic downtown and French Quarter, and at City Park, we bathed in the beautiful sounds of the singing oak, made friends with wildlife and gawked at sculptures. 

We were lucky to come to New Orleans at the beginning of Mardi Gras season, and found ourselves with an invitation to an amazing house party hosted in honour of H’s friend from college (who we happened to cross paths with in NC!). Fittingly, we wore head-to-toe golden outfits. We even got to see the first in a series of annual parades, Chewbacchus, a wild mash-up of sci-fi fandom, Burning Man, and traditional NOLA celebration. And, amazingly, G found himself with the job offer he’d been waiting so long for at Rivian. Grateful for a breathtaking visit full of good memories, great food, and amazing portends for our future. 

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  1. G, congrats on the job offer. Looks like a cool company, that, of course, I’ve never heard of before. Ya’ll covered some territory for sure. New Orleans looks awesome. (gotta go sometime)
    question: pics in upper section can be clicked on and enlarged. lower pics, under the second paragraph, starting with the bronze snail, cant click to enlarge. wanted closer look at the grilled sandwiches……
    need to seem some pics of the gold party and what ya’ll wore…… come on now!!!

    love and peace

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