Days 177 to 181: Los Angeles

With Nevada just a couple days from its caucus, we made our way west one final time…but not before giving in to the tempting Vegas ads for Capriotti’s Impossible cheese steak and Pinkbox’s outrageous donut flavors. The descent into Death Valley was truly stunning, only rivaled by the bizarreness and lackluster of the casinos and resorts we passed along the way. The highlight of the drive was undoubtedly the squinting of our eyes from the complex of three thermal solar farms, stretched out and directing sunlight in glorious and eerie fashion.

Los Angeles was the perfect place to recoup from the sleeplessness of Vegas and the massive trekking to and back from the Grand Canyon. A healthy dose of Venice beach (toes *finally* back in the west coast sands!), gallons of green juice, some intense yoga sessions, a night at the Korean day spa, a half day at a museum, and a hike up to the Hollywood sign all helped us get back into step with our bodies, minds, and California spirits. 

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  1. Love this and hate it… I’m lo carb so the first thing I see is all the beautiful donuts… what the chicken? Interesting the photo of your battery charging station; resembles old timing gasoline pumps, kinda! Great photos! Love you!

  2. Great new photos! And gotta say, I really love the kitschy giant thermometer. It’s one of the wacky, wonderful things I love about the States (i.e. why have something be a regular size, when you can have it in a ginormous size??). 🙂

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