Days 7 & 8: Eugene, OR

We came to Eugene not because it was first on our list, but because it was in the right place at the right time. Crater Lake’s cold mountain rains wore down our wills, and we needed somewhere dry with a comfy bed to lay in. Emily’s converted garage, looking out on a lush garden with a chicken coop and a friendly, anonymous black lab puppy, was the perfect place to regroup.

After it poured all day, a rainbow welcomed us into a new year together. Our first night was our one-year anniversary (amazingly, already!), and we celebrated with hot dogs and a movie—in this case, Casablanca played in a tiny room at the David Minor off a DVD. Hampton didn’t love it—classics aren’t his speed—but it ticked the boxes, and we got to cuddle in a loveseat there in front of the projector screen.

We started our day with smoothies, handmade by Hampton in the Vitamix we couldn’t help but bring along. While Gary worked from bed, Hamp reconnected with his yogi side at Wild Light, sweating out the 3,000 miles he’s driven since we got this car—and then did laundry. We celebrated the first day of our second year with a crazily delicious vegan meal at Cornbread Café (including the buffalo-wing tofu steaks and mac “uncheese” hoagie you see us stuffing down our gullets).

Today was a day of driving, and we’ve made it to Hood River. We’ll be exploring Mt. Hood and the Columbia Gorge until Sunday. Expect our next check-in then. Lots of love!

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  1. Incredible murals from man and God—clouds! Wow… oasis with chickens? What an interesting unique Airbnb- who can intentionally find THAT! So much fun!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I didn’t know it was a year. Did you know that your Great Aunt Marion met her partner for life when she was 5? They started going out together when in college, where they both became teachers, and have been together for 68 years. Yes. Amazing, huh? And as for your wonderful travels… I LUV that you brought your Vitamix for the cross-country trip! 🙂 That’s the kind of thing I would do – along with like a washing machine in the trunk or something. Also, I went to the Cornbread Cafe website: what a magical, amazing place. It looks great and I wish I could try their vegan cuisine. Thank you for sharing these truly unique gems in the world! Hugs to you! – Aunt B

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