Days 9 to 12: Hood River, OR

Our four days along the Columbia River held a little bit of everything in store: hours of relaxation, tremendous landscapes and mountain peak glory, scrumptious food, fascinating people+extreme sport-watching, and numerous, relentless, destructive f***ing SQUIRRELS!

Our first night at Memaloose SP, nestled at the seat of a spectacular gorge and along the edge of the river that also serves as the Washington State border, was looking up in all sorts of ways compared to our previous two camping experiences…and then the squirrels attacked. A tiny mistake of leaving Tegan’s food in the tent while we spent the evening cruisin’ around the ultra cool Hood River (the kite surfing capital of the world) meant that while we were gawking at the dramatic craggy snow peaks and excitedly gathering meal supplies, who knows how many forest rodents were having a blast eating and crapping everywhere in our only home for these next few months. And to boot, they not only chewed a hole large enough to pass through…they somehow figured out the mechanics of our door zipper and excused themselves out the polite way. They are cute, but they are evil – be not deceived.

After some shoddy patch-up work with duct tape, the rest of our stay was quite delightful. We got lots of down time to read, game, write. We watched the third Democratic debate while chowin’ down on incredibly flavorful mom-made Mexican food. We found the cutest orchard farm store and had their marionberry and huckleberry milkshakes. We went on a bright and sunny hike up the gorge and into the hills, then drove to the waterfront to watch dozens of kite surfers enjoying the weekend breezes. And we made some incredible hot breakfasts!

We’re now headed back west to spend a week in Portland, which will also give us time to get the tent repaired…and space to fuss over our leaky sleeping pad as well. Wish us luck on these crucial errands as we explore the infamous brunch lines and bridges of this dream-of-the-90s PNW highlight!

Enjoy your final week of summer, all <3

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  1. Man oh man do ya’ll know how to make me jealous. Unbelievable Mountains, wow!! Searching out that once in a lifetime, local flavors. Way to keep it real. Looks delicious and I’m certain it all was, including the camp creations. Love love love the amazing pictures. Keep em coming. Safe travels to Portland. Love and Peace

  2. What amazing pictures! Sorry about your tent! At least the squirrels didn’t eat your food. You could start a YouTube channel – gourmet camp cooking! Thank you for sharing your unbelievable experiences. I am enjoying seeing unique pictures of this amazing country we live in. And your journey has just begun!!! Enjoy your time in Portland. I watched the YouTube video about 90s Portland – did not know that! Love to you both (and to Baby Teegs!)

  3. Donchya LOVE the Pacific Northwest? Was there this summer and it almost makes me cry to see it all over again as I SO want to be there ALWAYS. I’m so glad you’re both enjoying it all, and your squirrel ambassadors are glad too! Heee. And wow, forget those mountains (well, okay, not really! :), how about Hampton’s breakfasts?? HOW does he do it? I couldn’t do that in a Michelin star restaurant kitchen!! Also, I adored the idea of those berry shakes you guys had. How awesome, huh? Can onnnly get that in cool places on the road, in interesting out-of-the-way ma-and-pa businesses. Very cool! Enjoy!!

  4. You’ve always LOVED breakfast— YUM! Breakfast is your dinner … for breakfasts like these, you could wake up early before sunrise and have by candlelight:) Award winning photos are remarkable! Love Love

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