Days 19 to 22: Olympic National Park, WA

Although we found the lush mossy rainforest mountains of Olympic National Park to be unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed before—from the moment we entered the region, to our two unbelievable campsites, the enchanting shroud of rainclouds everywhere, then the brilliant verdancy of seemingly endless sun-kissed evergreen peaks and ridges—despite all of this enrapturing magnificence, this park will forever be the place where we first heard the impeachment levees (finally!) burst forth with roaring fury.

Justice is nigh.

Our mind-blowing campsite at Sol Duc.

Politics aside, we think the splendor of this land transcends ideology and party lines. If you ever get the chance to run your fingers over a massive driftwood on the shore at Kalaloch, or to breathe in the enlivening scent concoction brewed by the myriad trees, ferns, fungi, dew drops, birds and bugs, and everything that’s coated in moss, or to stand on the edge of a vista while realizing your entire line of vision simply cannot take in all of the mountaintops and glaciers that comprise Hurricane Ridge…take that opportunity and give your soul and your senses the amazement you’ve suspected was out there to witness.

Hurricane Ridge in all its glory.

Our four nights there were unforgettable, and ended with an evening soaking in the nearby hot springs as we continued to absorb the breaking news of the day. As we arrive in Seattle and station here for a week’s time, we’re excited! We’ve yet another city to explore—the buildings, the food, the bikram, the parks, the people!—as the truth is made known and sets us all free…from sea to shining sea.

We loved that rose photo we took in Portland, and decided to do the same with the crazy variety of fungi that seemed to be everywhere we looked. Say hi to the slug eating lunch in the middle photo!

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