Days 13 to 18: Portland, OR

Portland was a beautiful place to laze our way through over the past week.

We left camp just in time to escape a wet tent, with the rain hitting us on the highway west to Portland. Our Airbnb, in the leafy St. John’s neighborhood, was chicken-free but home to Walt, a beautiful dog Tegan hit it off with. We got Blue Star Donuts (great rec, Danny!) and went to see Hustlers. It was a great way to settle in. Portland was less hipstery than we expected, and much more industrial—big ports, lots of railyards. With so many apartment buildings, it smacked of the Bay Area with a less nightmarish housing crisis.

A lot of our week was spent regrouping. After last week’s squirrel nightmare incident, we had to repair the dozens of small and large holes in our tent. Hampton took the opportunity to jam in three Bikram classes at a great neighborhood studio. We scarfed down as many donuts (Voodoo too, Dad!) and as much delish local Portland cuisine as possible (with a particularly memorable brunch at Milk Glass Mrkt, and a pasta dinner from Gumba). But we found time—luckily, when it was dry—to hike through the gorgeous forest at Washington Park (and stop to smell the roses!). We also had a chance to set up an Instagram for this trip (and for our life together) — @hamptonandgary. It was a nice pause to reconnect with each other, our TV-watching ways (hello, Big Little Lies!), and some friends and family we love that we hadn’t seen in too long.

A sampling of the incredible roses at the International Rose Test Garden. Rose City indeed!

From here, we’re heading to the Olympic Peninsula west of Seattle for a few days of gorgeous montane forest camping. More to come!

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  1. Your posts make me so happy! I’ve not yet been to Portland and it’s a real treat to get a peek into the real thing. I think we have the same taste in food because every photo looks like exactly what I would order. Yummers. Also, I could swear I saw your Airbnb on an episode of Portlandia…

  2. Well well well. What a nice update from over yonder. I have goose bumps after reading. Not sure if its the close up pic of my grand-puppy (that now I’ve got to have as my screen saver) or the donuts (makes me want to book a flight) or I’m thinking, THE ROSES!!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL – BREATHTAKING
    dont know anything about hashtags…..
    might have to get me one
    whadayathink ?

  3. BLUE STARRRRR. And Powell’s. And the cutest couple that ever was.

    And INSTAGRAM? Stuart Hampton Neal III has died and gone to Social heaven.

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