Days 38 to 44: Spokane, WA/Glacier National Park, MT

After nearly six weeks of moseying up the PNW and into BC, we’ve finally started plowin’ east! We made it across Washington in a day, and hung out on either side of the Idaho border for three nights — one spent in a tight camper in someone’s snowy Spokane sideyard, the other two in a meadow at the back of a rural property in Coeur d’Alene. Those days made for some good writing for Hampton (shameless plug for the incredible annual project, DoYou10Q!), fantastic burritos, feeling low after the tragic ‘Judy’, and feeling better after bringing Hampton’s iPhone five generations into the future. We even managed to make green shakshuka one day for brunch!

Day 41 was another driving-heavy day, getting us into Glacier NP after all the campsites had been claimed, leaving us to tent up in the empty parking lot beside our charging car, surrounded by lodges that have already closed for the winter season. It was worth it to wake up in the park, putting us in prime position to snag an unbeatable site for our other two nights there…right by Lake McDonald, with the tremendous mountain range and autumn-forested hills stealing the show. We explored the park as much as one could with winter road closings, went on an overly-ambitious hike, made some decent mac n’ cheese, and streamed the Democratic debate while munching on Doritos.

This past week ended up being our test with cold weather…and rather than head to Yellowstone and endure nothing but snow, we’ve decided to steer clear of the winter intensity as we plot our course east-but-also-southward over the next couple months.

We’re showering and resting up in Butte now, with Salt Lake City as our next city to check out.

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  1. OMG – ask your ma about our childhood family stay in Butte, Montana! I remember that we’d get up and turn the lights on in our motel and 10,000 silver insects would scram into the walls and woodwork. Turn the light off, they’d come back. I’ll never forget Butte!

    Absolutely love all your wonderful photos – especially that last one of the two of you!! 🙂

    Also love:
    – “Liz”
    – Tegan
    – “streamed the Democratic debate while eating Doritos”! (This last one should be a t-shirt!! 🙂

  2. the beautiful Northwest! my momma and daddy live in spokane! You two look happier than pigs in shit. lol. miss you. xx

    p.s. our website just launched! check it out!

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