Bonus Update: What Are We Doing on the Road?

Our blog is mostly intended to capture the highlights of this great adventure, though we thought we’d offer a glimpse into the more mundane parts of being on the road.

What’s Hampton been doing?

  • alllll the driving, getting the dominant say in the podcast lineup (The NYT’s The Daily, KCRW’s Left Right & Center, Politico’s NerdCast, NPR’s Politics, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow – to name a few faves)
  • making up silly songs during high-maneuver one-lane cruisin’
  • playing Breath of the Wild on the Switch during charging
  • following his heart on all sweet baked goods
  • squeezing in bikram during city stays
  • whippin’ up delish meals and smoothies along the way
Day 1: leaving Oakland, Burrito Express in hand.

What’s Gary been doing?

  • alllll the navigating (with a healthy dose of backseat driving)
  • snapping great shots and photo editing for the blog
  • all other blog and social media management (we alternate writing the posts)
  • letting Tegan use his lap for all her comforts and curiosities
  • reading aloud for us (a blend of news articles and The Handmaid’s Tale)
  • Airbnb app interfacing
  • washing all the dishes
Glacier NP: I swear this is the only time I have watched Peppa Pig on this trip.

What’s Tegan been doing?

  • sleeping
  • tiny grunting
  • sniffing
  • stepping on Gary
  • licking both our hands (and that one time she tried to get in on our kissing)
  • whimpering
  • running speedy circles in open spaces
  • climbing over rocks and logs
  • serving as a lil furnace curled up in our shared sleeping bag
  • waiting for us to come back from indoor errands and dining
  • hating everyone and wishing we were home
Crater Lake: sniffing the mountains.

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