Days 53 to 58: Colorado

Our six-ish days in Colorado brought us some pleasant surprises, scratched our homebody itches, and marked a special moment of gratitude together.

We managed to find redeeming factors in the small town of Grand Junction in the form of food (Pablo’s Pizza) and complimentary tire rotation (thanks again, Big O Tires!), then made our way to a super cozy cottage nestled within the ski town of Telluride—just before about 4 inches of snow graced the land.

It was a comfy few days in that space-heater-warmed abode as we woke up each morning to thicker piles of snow and increasingly gigantic icicles, and spent the time listening to jazz and smooth beats as Gary put a dent in a writing project and Hamps made an entire feast for belated Canadian Thanksgiving. The leftovers carried us through til just last night, a week later. It cannot be overstated how magnificent it is that the two of us Thanksgiving food fanatics found each other and get to indulge Hamps’ favorite meal to cook, not once, but twice every autumn. Of course, we’re thankful for so much more than that—more to share on that in a few weeks.

Our final stop in this vast state was Mesa Verde NP, where we made friends with phenomenally rad ranger husbands (hi, Drew and Spencer!) who showed us the unbelievable cliff dwellings, shared many a ranger tale, and had us over for homemade pizza! This was also the first solid night of unparalleled stargazing, with the Milky Way at full force after the new moon set over the desert horizon in all its dusty orange glory, on no less than Halloween/Samhain night.

We’ve been in New Mexico for several days now, and are on to northern Texas tomorrow. Still following the warmer temps during this early cold spell across the lands.

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  1. not sure how to respond to seeing those magnificent mountains. wow
    kudos on a delicious Thanksgiving meal and leftovers, leftovers, leftovers!!!!

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