Days 104 to 108: Richmond & DC

We spent nearly a week heading toward Hampton’s mom just north of Baltimore. We stopped in Richmond and DC, and quite enjoyed ourselves in both cities, despite the few days of dreary rain.

Richmond provided quite the synchronistic matching with an airbnb host who lived in Oakland! We enjoyed a glass of wine with her, and would see her over the next couple of days as she was decorating her new home for the season. One of our days there we began a new TV endeavor alternating episodes of Damages and The Americans, which we’ll be slowing shaving away at for a while. Our venturing into the area included impressive collections at the (remarkably free!) VMFA, a charming craft fair, and unbelievable fare from Lunch or Supper, Perch, & LuLu’s.

DC held the same balance of TV and tourism. We thoroughly enjoyed an incredible brunch at Unconventional Diner (with next-level, unmissable carrot cake), our evening drinking in the Hirshhorn (including a crazy Cate Blanchett cameo), our quick yet flavorful lunch at Green Almond Pantry, a special night out with friends Evan and Dan for spectacular Georgian food (Supra)—followed by beers and Mario Kart, followed by ice cream sandwiches.

We concluded our time in DC hours before the House convened to vote on the two fateful articles. Our trip continues to be framed by the unfoldings from Washington, and we were both thrilled and disheartened to be so close to the center as history was made.

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  1. Fantastic! So many amazing photos and a great update. Reminds me of when me, your mom and the rest of your family lived in D.C., Gary. We loved it there. Thanks for bringing back those memories! I remember climbing the Washington Monument when it was really hot. Big hugs and love to you!

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