Days 92 to 103: NC

The first couple of weeks in December seem like forever ago now… With so many things to recount, perhaps a good ole’ fashioned list might suffice for this entry:

  • Lots of qt w/ Hampton’s dad and step mom…we spent many a night in their camper parked in the driveway
    • Picked out and decorated the tree
    • Harvested a beautiful carrot from Vonnie’s garden
    • Tried our hand at pizza-making (Hampton, of course, won)
    • Made a road trip themed dinner for them, featuring loaded nachos and a cinnamon roll cake
    • Watched the cherished Bear Grylls+Obama episode
    • Enjoyed deliciousness (hello, world’s best chicken sandwich!) at Stone Table
  • A few days in the Chapel Hill/Durham area
  • Had a blast of a night with Hampton’s aunt, uncle, and cousins over spaghetti squash and Code Names

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  1. What a wonderful December it was, thanks to the two of you!
    Great pictures! Wish we still had some of that fabulous food left!

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